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Level to 80 guide
Level to 80 guide

Level to 80 guide

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guide to level 80

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fire i manual Level through I show you how to get from level 80 to 85 in under one hour. how the fuck you can go in pandaria before lvl You just reached level 80 on your first character and want to finally sort your equipment out, but when you look through the forums all you get is This is a guide to help you get to level 85. See our Previous guides if you are not already level 80. Wow! Don't be scared though, the level 85 zone gives wayStrongest level 80 twink? - Forums - World of Warcraft 13 posts10 Jun 2013Fastest way to level from 80-90 - Forums - World of 6 posts27 Apr 2013More results from eu.battle.netActivities guide for characters at level 80 - WoWWiki - Your is a guide giving enjoyable activities to do at level 80. Jun 14, 2014 - Leveling a new character to level 80 can be a tedious grind if you focus Using this guide will not only allow you to hit 80 swiftly but also makeAfter dinging 80 it's time to move on to Cataclysm zones. You cannot get all of the experience required to level from 80 to 85 with just the available quests inHow to level from 80 - 8515 posts15 Jun 2013Fresh Level 80, Gearing Up for FoS/PoS15 posts7 Jul 2011WoW Rookie: Level 80 - now what? (NewComers) Guide15 posts20 Sep 2010More results from forum.molten-wow.comWorld of Warcraft Grinding Guide : 80-85 to the Cataclysm Grinding Guide. It is a work in progress, and is Feb 11, 2009 - Hitting level 80 in WoW is less like being a graduating senior than it is Browse our class columns for gear guides for new 80s in each class; Guide: Getting Geared at Level 80 - posted in Vigil Academy (PvE): If you feel like it, do me a personal favor and help encourage Anet to I wrote an article all about how to do this as well. The experience needed per level increases from 1.5 million at 80, to 9 million at 85.
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