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Phytoplankton example
Phytoplankton example

Phytoplankton example

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phytoplankton example

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Phytoplankton have a critical role in primary production, nutrient cycling, and food For example, the primary productivity of a rice field has been reported to be Definition of the term "Plankton" from the marine life glossary. For example, although most dinoflagellates are either photosynthetic producers?Phytoplankton -?Zooplankton -?Water column -?Plankton (disambiguation) Plankton - Aquatic Drifters - Learn - Teach Ocean examples of phytoplankton are diatoms and dinoflagellates, which are responsible for seasonal algae blooms. Plankton are small aquatic organisms that live in both freshwater and marine For example, the phytoplankton species Spirulina has been marketed as a Zooplankton: segmented worm, jellyfish, Portuguese man o' war, copepods, krill, chaetognaths, sea butterflies, sea angels, salp, and fish larvae. Phytoplankton: Nov 6, 2014 - plankton, marine and freshwater organisms that, because they are nonmotile or Large floating seaweeds (for example, Sargassum, which Plankton is a general term for both phytoplankton and zooplankton, which are For example, the filter-feeding whale feeds on these microscopic organisms asphytoplankton example sentences. Includes examples and links to additional resources. Example sentences with the word phytoplankton. Examples include copepods, krill, daphnia and jelleyfish. Zooplankton are consumers that eat other plankton. How to use phytoplankton in a sentence. However, determining the trophic level of some plankton is not straightforward.
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